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Arch Rock – Samuel H Boardman Scenic Corridor Along Oregon Hwy 101

On my way to Brookings Oregon I stopped at Arch Rock. This scenic vista and picnic area has a short, wooded trail with bluffs overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Arch Rock is located along the Samuel H Boardman Scenic Corridor on Oregon highway 101.

The corridor is a 12 mile stretch along the Oregon hwy 101 coastline. This stretch of hwy 101 is named in honor of Samuel H Boardman – the first Oregon State Parks superintendent who served from 1929 to 1950.

The scenic corridor is lined with scenic vistas, secluded beach coves, seaside prairies and rocky cliffs overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Arch Rock Scenic Vista

I get the very first parking spot in the front row! Woohoo!

Someone must have just pulled out because the rest of the row was full.

Before I get out of the van I sit and enjoy the view…

arch rock oregon

Rocky formations of various sizes (known as sea stacks) populate the region…

Sea stacks are common along the Oregon coastline and are formed by wave erosion.

Time, wind and water haphazardly forms each unique sea stack.

 samuel h boardman scenic byway oregon

My Bug Spray Is Never Where I Need It!…

A while back I put my homemade chemical-free bug spray in the back of the van (only accessible through the back doors) because it was always in the front when I needed it out back.

Now, I’m in the front of the van and need the bug spray but I have to go out back to get it.

The solution is simple… make 2 bottles!

Bug Spray Recipe

The bug spray recipe is actually homemade tick repellent but I’ve found it also helps with other bugs.

I got the recipe from PrimallyInspired.com (I would link it but the pop-ups and ads on the site freeze my computer).

The recipe I use is:

  • 1 tbsp Witch Hazel
  • 40 drops of Rose Geranium Essential Oil 
  • 1/3 cup distilled water 

There are 2 kinds of Rose Geranium Essential Oil. The Pelagonium Capitatum X Radens works best and it’s the one I use.

trail at arch rock oregon

My chemical-free bug spray is on and I’m ready to hit the trail!

It’s a short downhill walk to the trail head.

As I enter the path I’m greeted by a patch of tall grass. The grass sways gently from the faint ocean breeze.

scenery at arch rock or

Several feet ahead a warning sign appears...

I guess I’ll stay away from the fence!

poison oak warning

Funny thing about that…

Just last night I was reading how to identify a poisonous or harmful plant.

Leaves of three… beware of me!

Bingo! Poison Oak has 3 leaves.

That’s good stuff to remember!

poison oak

During my walk I randomly stop…

I take time to breath deeply and enjoy the fresh, clean ocean air.

It feels good to be able to breath well.

scenic corridor oregon pacific ocean

I take a fork in the path that leads down to a scenic overlook…

There’s a group of people taking pictures. The group consists of two ladies, a man and a big puppy.

I’m not sure what kind of dog it is but he’s big for a puppy. The man is taller than I am and the puppy is knee-high to the man.

The puppy – with paws seemingly too big for his body – awkwardly lunges toward me. I could tell the puppy just wanted to say “hello”.

The man pulls the puppy back just before he pounces on me.

arch rock oregon scenic trail

Back on the path, the puppy group is ahead of me…

The curious puppy keeps looking back, playfully leaping in my direction. As the puppy pulls backward, the man pulls forward.

The puppy is currently losing this game of Tug Of War but I’m sure the man is getting tired!

I decide to hang back a while to let them get ahead of me and out of puppy-sight. Hopefully, then, they won’t have to wrestle with their friendly, overly curious puppy.

scenic vista arch rock

Walking the pathway I encounter a freshly-perfumed young woman…

To be honest, the odor could be anything. It could be perfume, soap from a recent shower, laundry products, hand lotion, hand sanitizer or maybe she uses potpourri or scented candles in her home or vehicle.

Or, maybe it’s all of the above.   I knew she was coming because I could smell her before I saw her.

We exchange “hello’s” as we pass each other.

I try not to breath deep until she passes. To reduce the burning in my eyes, I blink several times and silently give thanks that she’s going the opposite direction.

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arch rock overlooking pacific ocean

This is my favorite overlook on the Arch Rock trail…

The view from this overlook is breathtaking.

I stand on a rocky cliff listening to the sounds of the ocean as I watch the unbridled waves crash against the sea stacks.

Several waves flow past the sea stacks only to fade away into the shoreline.

It’s mesmerizing.

arch rock samuel h boardman scenic corridor oregon hwy 101

I’m told that some of these trees are 300 years old…

My guess is this is one of them… it’s HUGE!

300 year old tree

There are quite a few bugs flying around but nothing has landed on me…

I’m lovin’ my bug spray!

The only issue I have is going through a few cobwebs on the north side of the trail.

Those spiders must be fast because I know there were other people on this trail a few minutes ago.

scenic trail oregon

The Arch Rock trail is short but undoubtedly scenic…

I’m glad I took my time and enjoyed the walk and the fresh ocean air.

scenic overlook hwy 101 arch rock oregon coast

As I approach the end of the trail Bella (my van) patiently waits…

Bella looks well rested and ready to roll.


Back in the van, I grab something to drink and a few crackers before I “get on down the road”…

Live Life With No Regrets

Thanks for coming along!


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