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KD Gold – Totally Worth It’s Weight In Gold!

I’ve been using KD Gold for a few decades now and it’s been a game changer for me.

UPDATE: In March 2019 the founder of KD Gold passed away and the KD Gold brand name will eventually phase out. The same formula is also be found under other brand names – such as Enviro-One. Any reference to KD Gold (in this post) also applies to Enviro-One.

Back in the 1990’s, being a chemically sensitive person was no easy feat. Most people had never heard of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and finding chemical free products was like finding a needle in a haystack.

In order to make my home as safe and non-toxic-to-me as possible I needed chemical free products for all of my personal care and cleaning needs.

What Is KD Gold?

Known as “the best non-toxic, multi-use cleaner in the market!” this pure soap (in my opinion) is the bomb when it comes to all things cleaning.

The soap comes in concentrated liquid form and has a golden glow. This product is a mega-purpose, non-toxic, pure, natural, chemical free soap.

When a small amount of KD Gold is mixed with water it becomes a powerful cleaner.

There’s a User Guide explaining the ratios (mixture of soap to water) along with the multitude of uses including:

  • Laundry
  • Washing the dog
  • Varnish removal
  • Sun burn
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Bug bites
  • Lice
  • Washing away bacteria and viruses
  • Veggie Wash

And many more!  

How I Use KD Gold

I use KD Gold for almost all things cleaning as well as pest control.


A few things I use it for include:

  • Shampoo
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Shower
  • Cleaning up the van (inside and outside)
  • Fruit and veggie wash
  • And more…


I have a spray bottle that’s always ready with a KD Gold mixture. I used to mix it according to the User Guide but, now, I just squirt some KD Gold into distilled water and shake (I prefer distilled water but regular water works too).

The mixture comes in handy for spot cleaning, wiping down the counter after making dinner or anything else that comes up.


For shampoo and laundry I don’t mix the soap with water. I use it straight up.

For example…

  • As shampoo, I put a few drops on the palm of my hand
  • For laundry, I put a few squirts in to my laundry bucket

I have several small (travel size) bottles that I put the full-strength soap into and keep it in various spots in the van. It’s easier to handle in small bottles and, with several bottles around the van, it’s always handy.

KD Gold For Pest Control

An added benefit of this soap is pest control!

KD Gold is a great chemical-free pesticide and helps significantly with insect control keeping fleas, ticks, head lice and other creepy crawlies at bay.

I use KD Gold for every day cleaning and I’m sure this helps keep the creepy-crawlies under control.

How Can KD Gold Kill Bugs But Not Be Harmful To Humans or Pets?

KD Gold is not a poison. It’s a colloidal micelle soap that works as a powerful degreaser, quickly dissolving oil.

An insects exoskeleton is oil-based and, in case you didn’t know, an insect’s exoskeleton is on the outside of it’s body.

The exoskeleton of a human or pet is on the inside – protected by skin and other eewy-gooey stuff.

Colloidal micelle soap dissolves the insect’s exoskeleton.

From personal experience, I believe this soap may also work as a repellent.

A Personal Pest Control Story

I was camped in an area where TONS of ants were crawling around the van (on the cement pad I was parked on). Usually, I don’t worry about ants but there were SO many and there were TONS of ant hills surrounding the cement pad.

To make sure the ants stayed away, I sprayed my KD Gold mixture around the tires and, then, I decided to spray a circle around the van.

When I looked a while later there was not an ant in sight!

Needless to say, I’m happy to have found such a versatile product that also helps control the creepy-crawly-critters.

What Don’t I Use KD Gold For?

The only thing I don’t use this soap for is sometimes when I shower or bathe.

I use it sometimes, but not always.

There are times that I just prefer my chemical-free, naturally moisturizing bar soap that I get from Whole Foods.

How Long Does A Gallon Last?

The last time I purchased an entire gallon was in 2014 and it cost about $100.

But don’t let the price stop you in your tracks… this product is highly concentrated.

A single gallon lasts me a little over 3 years and I use it a lot.

When you break it down you’ll see that a gallon of KD Gold really costs:

  • $33 a year; or
  • $2.75 a month; or
  • 9 cents a day

There are smaller options but I always bought the gallon because, in the long run, it was the cheapest. At the time, I also lived in a house with lots of storage space.

I currently need to replenish my supply of KD Gold and I see it’s now available on Amazon! I’m going with a smaller size though.

Do I Recommend KD Gold?

I absolutely recommend KD Gold for anyone!

I use this soap for almost everything imaginable and that means I don’t need a multitude of other products cluttering up the van.

As any Nomad knows, anything that can be used for multiple purposes is a BIG WIN!


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