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Wild Horses Monument – Quincy WA I-90

This week, as I head to the Homeland, I stopped at Wild Horses Monument off of Interstate 90 outside of Quincy Washington. The monument is also known as Grandfather Cuts Loose The Ponies and you’ll find it around milepost 139.

There are separate westbound and an eastbound rest areas with entirely different views.

Wild Horses Monument – Westbound I-90

Flashback to May 2017…

The last week of May 2017 I left northern Illinois (the Homeland) and headed west to spend the summer on the Washington / Oregon coast.

I typically take I-90 because it allows me to avoid the higher elevations that tend to make me ill.

On my journey west I stopped off at the Wild Horses Monument on I-90.

The views were amazing and I always enjoy chatting with fellow traveler’s.

Paved trail’s lead downward to the scenic overlook…

There are a couple different pathway’s that lead down to the overlook. They wind around sagebrush and boulders that, eventually, lead to the overlook.

Rest Area Quincy WA I-90

Boulder climbing…

If you’re up for it you can climb the boulder for an even higher, scenic view.

Wild Horses Monument Trail

Reaching the summit…

Noah The Conqueror (a fellow Traveler’s leashed dog) reaches the (not all that high) summit and proudly gazes out over the expanse.

Noah the Conqueror

Approaching the scenic overlook…

The people ahead of me admire the Columbia River flowing nonchalantly many feet below.

At the overlook, high above the Columbia River…

Whether looking to the left or to the right the river goes as far as the eye can see.

westbound wild horses monument quincy wa

The Columbia River fades off into the horizon…

Looking to the left, this is my favorite view.

But where are the wild horses?…

It dawned on me that there weren’t any wild horses or any horse monuments. I had to question why this was called Wild Horses Monument if there weren’t any horses to be seen.

The answer wouldn’t come to me for another couple months … on my way back to the Homeland.

Wild Horses Monument – Eastbound I-90

Flashforward to August 2017…   I’m heading back to the Homeland via I-90 east and encounter smoke-filled air from recent wildfires.

Jolly Mountain Wildfire…

I planned on stopping at the rest area in Cle Elum WA to get something to eat and do some work online but the smoke filled air from the out of control Jolly Mountain wildfires made it difficult for me to function.

Effects of the Smoke…

While in Cle Elum I needed to get gas and I noticed that the smokey, piney, burnt forest scented air didn’t seem to phase anyone else so I assume I’m just super sensitive to it (go figure).

My eyes were burning, I was coughing and had an unusual headache.

Deciding To Keep Moving Forward…

After fueling up the van I continued to the Cle Elum rest area. As I approached the exit to the rest area I quickly decided to keep driving and get to fresher air.

About an hour away I came to the eastbound Wild Horses Monument rest area.

The Reveal…

I remember when I came here a couple months ago and visited the westbound area wondering why this was called Wild Horses Monument when there were no horses.

As I approached the monument on the eastbound side I look up and the answer is revealed.

wild horses monument

There, on the hill, was the Wild Horses Monument…

Naturally, I stopped to explore and, of course, get something to eat because I hadn’t eaten yet!
Wild Horses Monument Video

Over the summer I started making videos. Naturally, I’m very noobish but you have to start somewhere!

Making videos is fun but it’s a lot harder than I realized. It’s also more time consuming than I thought it would be.

Here’s a short video I made while at the Wild Horses Monument:

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Enjoy The Journey


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