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Cookie Has A Lump – I Have Gallbladder Surgery

Cookie Goes Back To The Vet…

Cookie has cysts and lumps on his body. The Vet always told me not to worry about them and to just keep an eye on them.

Mid-last week (August 7), seemingly out of nowhere, the lump on the back of Cookie’s neck started growing.

This happened the same day I was taking Dad to the doctor. I decided to get Dad to the doctor, keep an eye on Cookie and see how things were the next day.

The Next Day…

Overnight, the lump had grown even more and turned dark. I could also tell Cookie was in pain.

A trip to the Vet was in order.

I’m not including any pictures. They are simply too gross.

The Vet’s Diagnosis…

The Vet said Cookie had an infected cyst and it was good I brought him in to be seen. The Vet drained the cyst (yuck) and prescribed pain pills and antibiotics.  

At Home…

My job was to give Cookie his pills, apply warm compresses and continue draining the cyst (double-icky-poo-poo-yuck!).  

It was a challenge… but I accomplished the mission!  

Gallbladder Surgery…

I had less than 4 days to get Cookie’s neck drained and on it’s way to healing before I took him to the kennel while I had my painful, non-functioning gallbladder removed.

My gallbladder surgery was last Monday (August 12).

Since Dad is unable to care for Cookie, Cookie spent a few day’s at Carlson’s Canine Camp.

Carlson’s is very good but it was still hard to leave Cookie at the kennel.  

Just A Few Complications…

Laparoscopic gallbladder removal is normally a day surgery where you get to go home the same day as the surgery.

But they kept me overnight because there were some complications that warranted an overnight stay.  

Hernia Mesh Issues…

Six years ago I had a hernia mesh put in. Over the years, some of my “innards” adhered to the mesh.

In order to get the laparoscope thingamajig to my gallbladder, the surgeon had to pull, pry and do whatever to make his way through my insides and around the mesh 😦  

More Small Incisions Than Normal…

Typically, a laparoscopic gallbladder removal requires 3 (maybe 4) small incisions.

In my case, I had 6 small incisions. I could probably do a quick round of connect the dots on my stomach and abdominal areas.

One of the incisions gave the surgeon some trouble and is also extra painful.

Blood Pressure Gone Wonky…

During surgery my blood pressure spiked way up and they had to give me drugs to get it down and under control.

Apparently, this can happen during surgery.

Still A Good Surgery…

Even with the complications, the surgeon said my surgery went well.

Close To An Emergency?!…

My gallbladder was a lot more inflammed than the surgeon expected it to be.

If I had waited much longer to have it removed it could possibly have turned into an emergency situation.

During my initial appointment with the surgeon he told me that it’s possible for this to develop into an emergency situation. There was just no way to know how fast it would progress.   

All I know is, it was getting very painful, very fast and I’m glad I was able to get it removed before it became an emergency.  

The Road To Recovery…

I dreaded the surgery but I think I dreaded the recovery more.

I can’t believe how weak I feel now.

Prior to surgery I was taking walks with Cookie, I could walk up and down stairs with no problem and was generally more active… even though I had constant gallbladder pain.   

Now, small tasks take all the energy I can muster. I feel like I’m running on empty.

Thankfully, the pain level dwindles each day, I’m sleeping a bit better each night and I often remind myself that this too shall pass and I just need to take it one day at a time

Moving Forward…

I hurt and I’m tired but I’m thankful to be on the other side of the surgery with the finish line within sight.

Moving forward I’ll need to learn how to live without a gallbladder.

Many people live without a gallbladder. I certainly know I’m not alone. But there’s a learning curve as my body learns to digest food differently.

Every day may not be good but there's good in every day


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