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A Creek Runs Through It – Warren Illinois

Earlier this month the temps were in the upper 60’s. The upper 60’s is my most favorite temperature range.

Sadly, in the house, Dad needs the heat on much higher than I want it set at and it’s not comfortable for me. The house is super warm and stuffy (and I don’t do well with gas heat to begin with).

I try to find a happy medium but, this time, the happy medium has eluded me.

So, until winter rears it’s cold and blustery head, I’ll find activities to do outdoors.

Giving Bella A Cleaning…

Bella (my van) was pretty darn dirty on the inside. I’m not sure where all the dirt and dust came from. I lived in her full-time for 2 1/2 years and she was never this dirty!

The dash was so dusty I could write my name in it. There was also that grimy film that somehow grows on the inside of the windshield making it harder to see through (especially when the sun is out).

I also had stuff scattered about in the back of the van and it definitely was time to do a little tidying up.

Taking Cookie For A Walk…

The next day… the weather was even better.

After Dad and I had lunch I took Cookie for a walk (in his pet stroller).

Cookie eagerly waited for me to lift him into the pet stroller and attach his safety collar.

Cookie says “Quit taking pictures and get this collar on me so we can go!!”

We headed out the door and the first thing I notice is an ever-so-gentle breeze.

This was a great day for a walk!

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Functioning In High Gear…

Cookie and I get part way down the block when I realize I’m still functioning in high gear.

Until recently, I hadn’t realized how much of my day I spent running in high-gear. No wonder I’ve been more tired lately.

As Dad’s caregiver, I’m on the move (either physically or mentally) from the second my foot hits the bottom step each morning until the second my foot hits the first step (on my way up to my room) each night.

Once in a while, I need to go downstairs during the night to handle something that came up (like the carbon monoxide adventure or any other predicament Dad gets into and needs help with). 

To take better care of myself I’ve been trying to find ways to take things down a notch, chill out more and get back to keepin’ it simple. 

A Lesson From Cookie…

I stop in the middle of a quiet street in this small town I’ve been (temporarily) living in the past year and a half.

I take in a deep breath as I try to shift gears and unwind.

Looking down, I see Cookie sitting happily in his stroller, thoroughly enjoying the ride. His head is tilted slightly upward with his eyes gently closed.

Cookie is savoring the moment.

He isn’t thinking about anything but  T H E  M O M E N T.

I realize I need to do the same. A simple way to chill out is to not think or worry about anything except for  T H E  M O M E N T.

It’s funny how much our furry family members can teach us – if we simply listen.

It Smells Like Fall…

As I take another deep breath I notice it smells like fall.

The strange thing is, I look around for the colors of fall but only see green trees.

When I close my eyes and take a breath I envision a beautiful autumn landscape. Yet, when I open my eyes I see green trees.


Rounding The Corner…

We round the corner, cross the street and stop at a little no name creek that runs through town.

A no name creek that runs through Warren IL

I don’t know the name of this creek. I can’t find it on a map but it runs through the town of Warren IL.

Cookie checks out the creek through the mesh window of his stroller. I got a little close when taking the picture but one step further and I’d have been in the creek!

Cookie seemed very intrigued with something… maybe he saw a squirrel!?!

We pause to enjoy the tranquility for a while before heading on down the road.

Going Around The Block…

My body is cooperating with me so I decide to push my limit (at least a little).

On the way back home I take a route that I haven’t walked before. It’s an extra block to walk but I was gonna do this! 

After a slight uphill jaunt (that went surprisingly well) we begin our downward trek.

We stroll past a big house with a high wooden fence around the yard. I wondered what’s on the other side when, suddenly, the answer revealed itself.

Woof! Woof! Woof!…

As we pass the big house a pack of dogs begin to bark. It sounded like there were 3 or 4 dogs and they sounded big.

The more one dog barked, the more the other’s barked.

It was never ending out of control woofing!

I heard the owner holler at them (several times) to “SHUT UP!” but they didn’t listen.

I thought to myself that house is burglar proof!

Being deaf, Cookie was oblivious to the pack of wildly barking dogs. Cookie simply sat in his stroller enjoying the ride while soaking in the sun.

Small Town Streets…

We head home down the side streets of Warren.

The streets here are pretty simple and the laid back atmosphere here is one thing (of many) that I like about this town.

Many streets don’t have sidewalks or the sidewalk may not be the entire length of the street.

Where the are no sidewalks, I simply walk in the street as I enjoy the small town atmosphere on this wonderful autumn day.

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