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When Fall and Winter Collide – Northwest Illinois

I’ve been trying to get out ‘n about, see the fall colors and soak in the last bits of good weather before winter sets in.

This will be my second winter back in the Homeland. I’m certainly not looking forward to winter but… as long as Dad needs me here… I’ll brave the winter terrain.

A Visit From Jack Frost…

Last Sunday I took Cookie on an early morning drive. These Sunday morning drives have become a ritual and I sure hope winter doesn’t put the kabash on them.

I brushed the snow off the door handle of the van, opened it and lifted Cookie into his seat. But, before we could go anywhere, I had to destroy the beautiful design that Jack Frost left on my windshield during the night.

A gift from Jack Frost on the windshield

The ground was frost covered and created a mist across the land as it melted.

It turned out to be a gorgeous fall day and I thought fall would resume in all it’s colorful glory.

And then Tuesday happened…

A Visit From Old Man Winter…

On Tuesday morning I look out the window and was greeted by a snow covered terrain.

During the night, Old Man Winter sprinkled the land with a generous dusting of snow.  

Bella VanGo -

I wasn’t thrilled about having to sweep my windshield off but I was even less thrilled when I had to scrape the ice that was hiding underneath all that white stuff.

It’s Grocery Gettin’ Time…

We seem to have nothing in the house that Dad wants to eat 😦

Oh…. we have lots of food… but Dad wants stuff we don’t have on hand. Dad likes to have a wide variety of choices whereas I eat what I’ve got before adding more to the pantry.

I suppose my way of eating comes from having lived in my van with limited space – not to mention that my food allergies and sensitivities limit my options.  

But alas… (on Tuesday) I decide to go to Freeport for groceries so we have what Dad wants (even though I’ll probably throw some of it out later because it doesn’t get eaten). 

An Adventure In The Making…

The trip from Warren to Freeport usually takes about 30-40 minutes. But today, on this day, it took longer because I took some detours and back roads to check out Old Man Winter’s newly designed landscape.   

I brought Cookie with me and, naturally, he enjoyed the ride. It will soon be too cold to leave Cookie in the van while I go into the store so I bring him along whenever possible.   

Winter roads Northwest Illinois

I’ll admit the snow really is pretty… but that doesn’t mean I have to like winter!

I’m more than happy to enjoy winter from afar. When I spent my winters on the warm, sunny east coast of Florida I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the winter pictures my northern family and friends posted on Facebook 😀

When Fall and Winter Collide…

I know of a few cricks (creeks) and rivers in the area and decide to see how Old Man Winter accessorized them while I slumbered.

Northwest Illinois

I see a bit of fall peeking through the winter scenery. It seems as though fall and winter collided – creating a beautiful, unique landscape.

Taking A Spin Through Krape Park…

One of my favorite places to go is Krape Park. 

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Forest Road Krape Park Illinois

I enter Krape Park through the back way (on the outskirts of town) and drive down a tree-lined road that leads to the park.   

In Krape Park, I pass over the bridge leading to Flagstaff Hill. The fall-winter motif adorning Yellow Creek looks amazing!

As I drive beneath the trees, the snow melts off and drops to the ground. At times, it looks like it’s actually snowing.

Flagstaff Hill Krape Park Freeport IL

I head down the slope and round the corner at the bottom of Flagstaff Hill.

Yellow Creek…

Yellow Creek runs though Krape Park. There’s a dam in the lower level of the park and I head towards the parking lot at the dam.

At the dam, I park and let Cookie out… I’m sure he’s gotta pee!

Cookie does his thing but quickly heads back to the van. It’s cold and there’s white stuff all over the ground… he doesn’t even want to snoop!

He gives me The Look and I know what he wants. I lift him up and put him in the van onto his padded, fuzzy, warm seat so he can warm his little paws.

Before We Head To The Store…

I want to do one more thing before leaving Krape Park so I walk over to a bridge that crosses over Yellow Creek. This bridge is on the walking path (you cannot drive over it).

On the bridge over Yellow Creek in Krape Park, Freeport IL

Standing in the middle of the bridge, I gaze downstream for a while… admiring the beauty… breathing in the peacefulness.

My Tire Pressure Light Is On…

Back in the van, on my way to Walmart, I notice my tire pressure light was lit up.

No biggie!

I simply stop at Fairway Ford to have the tires checked and filled. This little twist in my schedule reminded me of being on the road and how I learned to take these unexpected things in stride. 

Heading Back Home…

By the time I’d gotten groceries and headed home most of the beautiful scenery had melted away.

I’m glad I decided to take this mini-adventure before getting groceries rather than waiting until afterwards.

Simply Go With The Flow -


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