Hiatus Adventures 2018-2020

Dad Leaves The Hospital – Cookie Visits Grandpaw

Dad was released from the hospital a week and a half ago. He decided to go to a local Bounce Back (rehab/ physical therapy facility) to try and build some strength before possibly coming home.

There are still a lot of unknown’s but we’re taking it one day at a time.

Cookie Visits Grandpaw At Bounce Back…

Pets aren’t allowed in the hospital but the Bounce Back unit welcomes well-behaved pets.

Now that Dad’s at Bounce Back I took Cookie to see his Grandpaw.

This helped Cookie greatly. Now, at home, Cookie no longer runs himself ragged searching the house looking for his beloved Grandpaw.

If you’re not up to speed on Who’s Who check out my About page to read about the Main Character’s of my blog.

The Pet Stroller Comes In Handy (Again)…

When I take Cookie to Bounce Back I use the pet stroller. It’s much easier on my back than carrying him or trying to lug him around in a pet carrier.

Cookie sits proudly in his stroller as I push him down the hallway to Grandpaw’s room.

The pet stroller turned out to be a great investment.

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The Nurse’s Stress Relief…

Sometimes there’s a steady stream of nurse’s, staff and random visitor’s coming in to Dad’s room to pet Cookie.

The nurse’s say Cookie is their stress relief.

When I don’t bring Cookie along… they ask where he’s at!

If I have other errands to run I leave Cookie at home. It’s too cold to leave him in the van while I go into stores. 

Keeping The Peace At Bounce Back…

Since Cookie is deaf, I need to make sure no one sneaks up on him.

When people come in to the room they start talking to Cookie (so as not to startle him) but they don’t know he can’t hear them.

It’s up to me to be the mediator.

Cookie can’t hear anyone coming in to the room and relies on sight (and possibly scent) in order to know what’s going on around him.

Cookie also relies on me to be his ears and can get nervous if I’m not in his sight.

The problem is… Cookie is usually looking at Dad or myself (not the door). He may not see anyone come in to the room.

Then, out of nowhere, a strange person appears beside him and he sees hands coming towards him (to pet him).

This startles Cookie and he gets a little grumpy.

There have been no catastrophes but being Cookie’s ears is an issue I need to stay on top of.

What’s Next?…

I didn’t realize how much I was doing for Dad until I didn’t have to do it. I suppose I didn’t realize it because it happened slowly.

As Dad slowly got weaker and was able to do less… I began doing more.

Now, even with traveling to Freeport several times a week I have more (so-called) free time.

For now, when I’m at home, I’ve been taking it a little easy and resting up. The rest is helpful and greatly needed.

Soon, I’ll start getting caught up on some things (of my own) I’ve let slide.

If or when Dad comes home is still a mystery but… if/when he comes home… I’ll simply figure out a new plan.

Enjoying Life One Adventure At A Time

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2 thoughts on “Dad Leaves The Hospital – Cookie Visits Grandpaw

  1. It's good that your dad realized he needed to get stronger before he returns home. It sure does help you gather your strength too. Being a care giver is not an easy job. Cookie must be so happy to know where his grandpaw is and also bringing peace to others at Bounce Back. Love the name of this place.


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