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Cookie’s Final Poodle Adventure

In the blink of an eye… life changes forever.

Nothing can prevent it.

There’s no way around it.

The only thing you can do is go right smack through it.

I can’t say this adventure was a pleasant one but, good, bad or indifferent, everything that happens in life truly is an adventure.

A Cookie collage. Poodle Adventures.

Looking Back…

In my Cookie Got Hurt – How I Take Walks With A Lame Deaf Dog post I shared how Cookie hurt his leg.   

What I did not share in that post was something the Vet saw in Cookie’s xrays.

Cookie also had several stones in his bladder.  

The Vet said these stones may or may not cause problems. It’s possible they could just sit in his bladder forever -or- they could potentially travel through the urethra and cause problems.

The only way to fix the problem was surgery. But… due to Cookie’s age and heart condition he’s not a surgical candidate. He hasn’t been a surgical candidate for quite some time.

Earlier This Week… 

For a few days (earlier this past week), the call of nature was taking Cookie a while to complete. He stood in pee stance formation for quite some time. Eventually he was able to go potty so there was no cause for concern.

He’s done this before… taking a while to piddle. But it was only briefly and, then, everything would be hunky dory.

Then Things Begin To Escalate…

On the night of February 12, 2020… 

Cookie went potty before we went to bed but I noticed he didn’t make his usual yellow lake. It was just a small puddle.

When we are upstairs, Cookie pee’s on a puppy pad in the bathroom. It’s much easier than going downstairs and outside in the middle of the night.  

During the night Cookie was restless. He sleeps on the pillow next to me so it wasn’t hard to notice when he flipped this-a-way… and then… flopped that-a-way.

It seemed he couldn’t get comfortable.

In the wee hours of the morning he woke me up with his “I gotta go potty” pounce. He rarely does this during the night but I love that he lets me know.

Trying To Answer The Call Of Nature…

In the bathroom, Cookie squatted on the puppy pad for what seemed like an eternity and then headed back to bed.

I looked at the pad and it was bone dry.

A Few Minutes Later…

Back in bed… a few minutes later… he pounces on me again.   Once again… after standing for an eternity… he couldn’t go potty.   

After several more pouncing’s I decide to get up and go downstairs.  

Cookie was (understandably) going a little crazy because he had to empty his bladder but couldn’t.

Once We Got Downstairs…

Cookie ran to the door so I let him outside. We went through this routine many, many times… but he just could not pee.

I knew a call to the Vet was in order but they weren’t open until 8:00 am and the clock showed it was only a few minutes past 7:00 am.

The clock didn’t seem to move fast enough but I tried to remain calm and focused on keeping Cookie as calm as possible. Eventually Cookie started throwing up. At times he panted heavily and randomly stumbled as he walked. 

Calling The Vet…

The clock finally moved to 7:30 am. I still had half an hour before the Vet opened but I decided to call anyway.

Thankfully someone answered!   

They knew I was 40 minutes away but said to bring Cookie in and the Vet would seem him when I got there.   

We’d gotten several inches of light fluffy snow during the night and now it was blowing and drifting across the roads.  

This would be a longer drive than usual… in more ways than one.    

The Final Poodle Adventure…

On the way to the Vet, deep down in my soul, I knew what the outcome might be – but I felt a strange peace about it (definitely not happy – but strangely at peace).

I was thankful for that peace because it helped get me through an extremely stressful day.    

Cookie threw up in the van a couple of times and his restlessness was getting worse. I was glad to be on my way to the Vet – even knowing the possible outcome.

My only goal was to make Cookie feel better. 

At The Vet…

A single xray revealed the grim secret of Cookie’s distressing situation. The xray confirmed what my soul already knew 😢    

There were 8 stones lined up in Cookie’s urethra – completely blocking his ability to pee.   

As I mentioned above, Cookie was not a candidate for surgery. The Vet said he most likely wouldn’t live through the anesthesia, let alone being sliced open, poked, prodded and stitched back up.

After much discussion, soul searching and deliberation the only option to make Cookie feel better revealed itself.  It was time for Cookie to go to Doggie Heaven.

The Transition…

The Vet gave Cookie a sedative so he would fall asleep before the final injection was given.   

I didn’t want Cookie to be afraid or be looking around for me, wondering where I was. I’ve always tried to assure him I would never abandon him – no matter what.    

So, after the sedative was given, I held him, talked to him (even though he’s deaf) and gently stroked his cute little face and soft furry body until he was completely sedated and zonked out.   

Once he was snoozing away… with his cute little Poodle snores… the Vet gave the final injection allowing him to peacefully transition from this world to the next.   

Cookie 05-21-2-26 to 02-13-2020

Final Thoughts and Tidbits…

Cookie came into our family on September 20, 2006. Nikki was 10 years old and Cookie was 4 months old. They bonded the very second Nikki took Cookie into her arms.

Nikki and I gave Cookie the best life possible. I sometimes wondered if he even knew he was a dog!

However, Cookie gave us so much more than we could ever give him… unconditional love and a Poodle’s lifetime of priceless family memories.  Our little family had many amazing adventures together. Nikki and I will miss Cookie tremendously.

Cookie and Nikki during one of our Key West adventures.

During the 2 years I’ve been here (in Warren IL) as Dad’s caregiver Cookie has been my faithful little buddy and constant companion. He’s brightened our days so much.

He also (unknowingly) provided great emotional support for both Dad and myself… not to mention he was a superb stress-reducer! Whenever I was stressing out Nikki reminded me to “Pet a Poodle!”.

Related Post about why Cookie came back to the Homeland with me: Life Changes 2018 – The End Of Nomad Life?.

A Little Update On Grandpaw (aka Dad)…

Dad is now at a skilled care facility under hospice care.

I told Dad I would be bringing Cookie with me on Thursday (February 13)… but I ended up having to go alone.   

Dad was sad to hear the news as were the nursing staff who, on days Cookie isn’t with me, ask where The Little Guy is.   

A bright spot on that dark day was hearing the nurse’s reminisce about me pushing Cookie through the hallways in his stroller (to see his Grandpaw) and how much Cookie made people smile.

Cookie made a difference… as all great dogs do 🐩

Cookie’s Final Paw Prints

Thanks for following along!


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