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Closing This Chapter and Getting Back To Nomadic?

839 days ago I arrived in the Homeland. I was about to embark on what I knew might be a long and difficult (yet equally fulfilling) journey as Dad’s caregiver.  

Being Dad’s caregiver meant I had to forego my nomadic lifestyle (living in my cozy little home on wheels) and live a static lifestyle (moving in to Dad’s stationary house).

My first of many challenges was transitioning from nomadic to static.   

In the blink of an eye… a new chapter of life had begun.   

I Was In It For The Long Haul…

Cookie and I came back to The Homeland to care for Dad back in mid-March 2018. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was in it for the long haul.   

My desire to be here for Dad was strong – yet – wanderlust still pulsed through my veins.   

I needed to find a happy medium so I tried to turn the ordinary tasks of every day life (like getting groceries and taking Dad to doctor appointments) into mini-adventures.  

Over the next 2 years I would share many of those mini-adventures here on the blog.

These Past Few Months…

In February 2020, both Dad and Cookie passed away.   

The Covid Chronicles began a couple weeks later.   

Life as I knew it changed 3 times in a matter of a weeks!    

Stay At Home / Quarantine…

The daunting task of cleaning out Dad’s house eventually came to the forefront.  

During the initial Covid Stay At Home quarantine I had lots of alone time to work on cleaning out the house.  

Once things simmered down a bit, several family members came to help with the clean-up.   

Between the depths of solitary confinement and the greatly appreciated help from the family… the past few months have been spent cleaning out the house.   

At times it felt like little or no progress was being made. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the finish line appeared.   

There are a few odds-n-ends left that will soon be dispersed but the house is now cleaned and up for sale.   

It seems this chapter of life is coming to a close.  

Starting A New Chapter… 

After 2+ years of living static, a handful of minor caregiver challenges and a multitude of priceless memories with The Boyz… the time has come for me to figure out what’s next in my life.   

I’ve always looked forward to getting back to nomadic someday and it appears that “someday” has arrived.   

To help make it real, I decided to set an official “hit the road” date of July 6, 2020.  

But I’m Stressed Out…

As I work on getting Bella (my van) ready for the road I’ve been getting quite frazzled. This is upsetting to me because I love the nomadic lifestyle and don’t know why it’s stressing me out.     I came up with several excuses as to why I think I’m stressing out but, beneath all the excuses, there’s always a deeper reason.     

The Reason Reveals Itself…

My brother was here this past weekend and, while we were talking, it dawned on me…   

There are too many back-to-back major life changes happening and I haven’t had a chance to adjust to any of them.  

Even though getting back to nomadic is something I look forward to… trying to add another change on the heels of several other changes could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.    

Taking Some Me Time…

The house is up for sale but not yet sold. For now, I have the option of staying at the house.  

All of Dad’s stuff is gone but I have everything I need. The appliances will be sold with the house and are here for me to use. I also have a place to sleep and all my nomadic belongings (camp chair, table, etc).   

In the interest of my sanity, I’ve taken my official “hit the road” date of July 6 off the table and will be staying at the house a while longer.

I look forward to moving back into my cozy little home on wheels in the near future but, for now, I need time to regroup, catch my breath and let life balance itself out before I try to move forward.  

My new official “hit the road” date is TBD whether it’s a week… two weeks… or 2 months from now.   

I just need some down time without any major changes occurring!  

A Short Inspiring Video…

They say there are no coincidences in life so, apparently, I was supposed to come across this video I made back in 2015.   

It was one of my first attempts at making videos but it’s a great reminder to look for the upside that hides in every challenge we face.

Parting Thoughts…

This is a bitter-sweet time for me but, I suppose, bitter-sweet is part of life.     

A broad mix of emotions flows through my soul but my emotions will eventually balance out, the bitter will ease with time and life will go on.

I’m not sure what to expect from this new chapter in my life but it’s my chapter to write and I’ll continue to write it One Adventure At A Time!

Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Closing This Chapter and Getting Back To Nomadic?

  1. Happy to see this post. I know it has been a long rough ride for you, but you seem to have found your way and will continue to do so. Yes take time for you right now regroup and you will know when your ready. I will be watching for your updates.


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