Florida Adventures

Reminiscing About The Florida Sunrise

It’s dreary outside, my work is done for the day and I sit here thinking about all the sunrises I experienced when I was on the road. 

My bed (in the van) is across the back. Some mornings I’d roll over in bed, open the curtains and watch the sun rise. It amazed me that I could do this from the comfort of my own bed! 

When I was on the east coast, I’d find a nearby beach and watch the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean. 

I look forward to new sunrises when I’m back on the road but, for now, the memories of sunrises gone-by will tide me over. 

Google Photos…

I set my phone up so that any picture I take from my phone automatically uploads to my Google Photos account. That way, if I lose my phone my photos are safe and sound.

Another feature I like about Google Photos is the search function. A few minutes ago I opened my Google Photos page and typed “sunrise” in the search bar. 

Google intuitively knows which pictures contain a sunrise and brought up oodles of sunrise photographs I’ve taken over the years. 

My last sunrise pictures were taken on the beaches of Florida in 2017 (before I came to the Homeland to take care of Dad).

Back in 2017…

I was spending my winter on the east coast of Florida. 

With monthly earnings of $500 a month it meant campgrounds were not an option. 
No campgrounds = no problem! There’s always somewhere to park for the night (for free) and get some sleep. 

I’d spend my nights sleeping at Walmart, Pilot or other places that allowed overnight parking

Then, I’d wake up and head to the beach to witness the sunrise and, then, decide where and how I wanted to spend my day. 

Walking The Beach At Sunrise…

Some mornings I’d go to a public beach access point and walk the beach while the sun came up. 

One time… I had walked so far down the beach I didn’t know where I was! 

The buildings were unfamiliar and I didn’t know how far I’d walked. I also couldn’t remember which boardwalk I’d entered the beach from because, suddenly, they all looked alike. 

I headed back in the direction I came from hoping I’d find the right boardwalk that would take me back to the van. 

Safely back at the van, I made a strong mental note to always look for landmarks so I know how to get back where I started.  

Crescent Beach FL at sunrise
Crescent Beach FL

Walking The Boardwalk At Sunrise…

There’s a little nature preserve next to Marineland FL called River To Sea Preserve. 

Instead of going out to the beach, the boardwalk runs along the beach. From the boardwalk, there are stairs leading down to the beach but the stairs were wiped out during hurricane Irma.  

There was no safe way to access the beach so I simply walked the boardwalk, listening to the ocean and enjoying the serenity as the sun began to peek over the horizon.

River To Sea Preserve Marineland FL
River To Sea Preserve Marineland FL

Watching The Sunrise From The Pier…

One of my bucket list items was to watch the sunrise from the St Augustine Beach Pier. 

I wanted to be at the end of the pier when the sun came up but I stopped to make myself some coffee and didn’t make it to the pier in time.   

But, all was not lost! I caught the sunrise (and the pier) from the beach. 

It was a rare, somewhat dreary morning and the sunrise is a bit dark. But, in person, the colors were still amazing. 

The Pier at St Augustine Beach FL 

A Secluded Spot To Watch The Sunrise…

Another favorite spot to watch the sun makes it’s grand appearance is South Ponte Vedra Beach Recreation Area in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. 

I’ve been there several times and I’m (almost always) the only one there. 

Standing at the oceans edge… in complete solitude… as the sun snuffs out the darkness with it’s magnificent show of colors… is indescribable.     

Ponte Vedra Beach FL
Ponte Vedra Beach FL

Parting Thoughts…

In my last post I shared how I’ve been enjoying some down time (trying to digest the events of 2020) before I get back on the road. 

As the days go by I feel better and better about hitting the road (soon). I really, truly needed this down time. I’m thankful I listened to myself and stayed put for a while. 

Thanks for letting me share my sunrise memories with you 😊

New day, new possibilities

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