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Headin’ On Down The Road – Leaving The Homeland

My plan was to stay in The Homeland until October 19 but that plan quickly changed when I saw the night time temps dipping into the low 30’s and upper 20’s.

When I chose October 19 as my departure date the night time temps were expected to be in the 40’s until the end of the month. I thought I had plenty of time to get to warmer weather… but I got fooled!

I can do temps in the 40’s but when temps get below 40 I’m outta here!

Wrapping Up Loose Ends

On order to leave earlier than planned I had to quickly reschedule some appointments.

My To Do List included…

  • An oil change and tire rotation for Bella
  • Some routine lab work for me (an ongoing issue)
  • A chiropractic appointment (an ongoing issue)

During Bella’s oil change it was determined that she needed new rear brakes (this wasn’t a surprise – I already suspected it).

I wanted Bella to be as road-ready as possible so I made the second appointment to get the brakes done.

How Do I Change Oil, Get Labs, See A Chiro, Etc On The Road? I can do all of these things from anywhere but I prefer to do as much as I can while I’m in The Homeland. When the time comes, I’ll share how I handle these things while on the road.

Leaving The Homeland

The closing on Dad’s house went through the afternoon of October 15, 2020.

I finished up my last appointment on Friday morning and officially left The Homeland at 10:38am on Friday, October 16.

When I left that morning I had 2 destinations in mind (Texas and Tennessee) but was still undecided which direction I wanted to go.

Sometimes I waaaay overthink things, so, I decided to just head south and not think about which place is better -vs- which place isn’t -vs- this -vs- that -vs- all the stupid little things an overthinker tries to think of that really don’t matter anyway.

Stopping For The Night

Not overthinking can be hard work!

By mid-afternoon, I decide to find a place to camp for the night and simply relax.

I stop at campground called Camp A While located just off Historic Route 66 on the outskirts of Lincoln, Illinois.

This small, friendly, privately owned campground in a rural setting was just what I needed!

Upon arriving, I was greeted by a friendly camp host (the owner) and Wrigley (the friendliest camp dog I’ve ever met!).

I didn’t get Wrigley’s picture but you can see him on the Camp A While website.

It was a cold and super-duper windy day so I quickly hooked up my electric and headed back inside the van. I didn’t need my top flying up over my head again!!!

Thankfully, the site was level and I didn’t need to fiddle with the leveling blocks.

The view out my dirty, tinted back window when I arrived at Camp A While campground.

I wished it wasn’t so cotton-pickin’ windy but the weather does what the weather wants.

So, I settled on being inside with my cozy little heater, making a good hot meal and watching a movie.

What do I watch on the road? I don’t carry DVD’s or any type of physical movies with me. I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime and I have a few online movies I purchased through Amazon and Google (only when there’s a sale!). There are several free apps I use (Pluto, CW Seed, YouTube, etc) and I have some movies downloaded on my laptop (in case I don’t have internet access).

It was a bit early for bed but it was getting dark and colder by the minute.

I may as well snuggle up in bed to watch a movie!

After snuggling in bed and getting cozy, I open the back curtain to watch what’s left of the sunset.

Sunset Camp A While campground in Lincoln IL.

Once the sun has set, it’s time to finish the evening off with a movie (or two or three).

It Was A Cold Night!

That night the temps dipped into the 30’s. It wasn’t the most fun but it wasn’t too bad.

What kept me going was know that tomorrow I’d be sleeping somewhere warmer.

The view through my back window as the sun rises at Camp A While campground.

Morning Brings A Fresh Perspective

Now that my mind was refreshed and I wasn’t overthinking it, I decided to head towards Tennessee to see what I can see.

If I still feel like it I can mosey on down to Texas after I’m done in Tennessee.

Disclaimer: As a woman, I irrevocably reserve the right to change my mind at any point in time, on a moment’s notice, on a whim or whenever I darn well feel like it with no rhyme, reason or any sensible purpose behind it whatsoever.

But First… Breakfast

In Nomad Life version 2.0 I’m trying to slow down. So…

I take time and have my usual breakfast of oatmeal with chia seeds, a drizzle of maple syrup and a banana on the side complimented by a hot cup of coffee with stevia and a splash of vanilla (because that’s the kick I’m currently on with my coffee).

Once breakfast is over and the dishes are done, I pack up the van and head on down the road.

Heading East

My goal for the day was simply to head east towards Tennessee and stop when I’m ready to stop.

But I made a teeny-weeny mistake… I forgot it was S A T U R D A Y!

All the campgrounds I wanted to stop at were full.

Finding A Place To Overnight Park

Since a campground was out of the question I had to find a place to park overnight and get some sleep.

I used my OvernightRVParking app to find a place to spend the night.

The app showed there was a Tennessee rest area down the road that allowed overnight parking. I drove to the rest area but, when I got there, it felt weird.

Then, I traveled down the road and stopped at Walmart. But that felt weird too.

There was nothing creepy about it. There were no spooky looking character’s lurking about and it was definitely NOT my intuition saying “get the heck outta here”.

I know and trust my intuition. This was not intuition speaking to me.

It was just one of those things about getting back in the saddle that I had to overcome.

To nip this in the bud, I decided to take the next place on the map and spend the night there.

That place was Cracker Barrel in Calvert City, Kentucky.

Related Post: Overnight Parking vs Camping – A Simple Explanation

Sleeping With No Heat

My van has a small solar setup that runs my 12 volt fridge, CPAP, fan, charges my electronics, etc, but it’s not enough to run a heater (or an air conditioner – if I had one).

To use my heater I need to plug in at a campground, someone’s house, etc.

Thankfully, the night time temperature was 50 degrees and I slept nice-n-toasty in my sleeping bag comforter.

About My Sleeping Bag: I use a 20 degree sleeping bag as a comforter. I’ve removed the zipper and open it up to use as a comforter. I’m hot one minute and cold the next. I need to be able to stick my foot out, stick my whole darn leg out or whip the covers off completely and I can’t do that if I’m all zipped up in a sleeping bag.

Parting Thoughts

My night at Cracker Barrel went off without a hitch.

As I search for my new normal, I’m gaining back more of my confidence each and every day. Although, I never truly lost my confidence, it simply got buried.

The next morning I awoke, got ready for the day and got back on the road… heading towards Tennessee.

I haven’t done much in terms of sight-seeing… mostly because the weather stinks!

In the few days I’ve been on the road I’ve dealt with cold, high winds and downpouring rain. One good thing about the downpouring rain is I now have a bug-gut-free windshield!

A Little About The Destination Mostly About The Journey

Thanks for stopping in!


2 thoughts on “Headin’ On Down The Road – Leaving The Homeland

  1. Well you are well on your way now.
    Good to read the happyness in your post. Your writing brings out a fun side to you.
    It will be nice once you get to a warmer place.


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