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Extending My Stay in South Florida

I fully expected this…

I’ve extended my stay here in south Florida and will be here until Valentine’s Day.

Yep. That’s what I expected… I knew I’d want to stay longer!

So I did.

By the time I leave, I will have been in the Homestead-Florida City area for 9 weeks.

Spending Time With Nikki

It’s been great to spend time with Nikki and her boyfriend again.

They both work outside the home and Nikki is also building up her Etsy shop.

Life still has to happen so we get together when we can.

During My “Free” Time

When Nikki is busy I usually stay “home” and work on my online business.

My business sat almost dormant these past 3 years. Dad was my priority and I wasn’t worried about anything else.

My online business can’t grow without me but, believe it or not, it can run without me. Even though I’ve barely touched it, I’ve still been earning a little moola each month.

My goal for the end of 2020 was to spend the rest of the year taking it easy as I adjusted to all the major life changes that transpired in 2020… which I did.

I wasn’t going to worry about my business until 2021. I’m glad I took time for myself at the end of 2020 as I’m now ready to get back to it.

Rowell’s Waterfront Park in Key Largo FL

Sometimes Nikki comes to the campground to visit me and, sometimes, I go to her house to visit her.

Occasionally, we get lunch at Publix and head to Key Largo. Key Largo is a short drive and there’s a waterfront park that we like to hang out at.

At The Park

The first time or two, the park wasn’t busy so we ate lunch and, then, explored the area.

Across the parking lot there’s what looks like a lagoon or an area for swimming.

Rowell's Waterfront Park, Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL

By the water’s edge there’s a ladder leading down into the murky water.

You won’t catch me going in there. Who knows what lurks below!

We occasionally saw a fish-like critter come to the surface but I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture.

Eventually, we walk around to the other side of the lagoon.

A sea creature emerges from Rowell's Waterfront Park, Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL

Looking back across the lagoon, on the ladder we were just standing at, we notice a strange sea-creature emerging from the water.

It knows how to use the ladder!

I wonder if it was watching us when we were leaning over the edge, peering into the murky water looking for that fish.

Fly pelican fly!

Recently, the weather cooled down a bit and the humidity went down a tad. But the Keys is actually a bit cooler than where I’m staying in Florida City.

Needless to say, the weather has been (mostly) amazing.

At the park, the sky behind the fluffy white clouds is breathtakingly blue.

As we look up, a Pelican soars overhead in search of a tasty snack.

The water's edge at Rowell's Waterfront Park, Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL

Walking further around the lagoon, we come upon a boat ramp where I snap a picture of the water through the tree branches hanging over the ocean’s edge.

It looks so inviting. I want to dip my hand into the water but the ledge is so high I’d probably fall in.

Ripples in the water at Rowell's Waterfront Park, Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL

As we round the walkway into the next area, I toss a rock or two into the water and watch the ripples expand.

As I turned to get more rocks I felt a ripple go right through me as Nikki ever-so-calmly said “Mom, you’re in a spider web”.

I tried to brush the web off me as I did a little jig. Part of the web was stuck to my hand and… suddenly…. I felt something squirming between my fingers.

I assumed it was the spider so I gave my hand a hearty shake and whatever was squirming flew through the air.

Riddled with huge goosebumps… I got the heck out of there!

Disclaimer: I’m ok with spiders but if they’re crawling on me I claim no responsibility for my actions.

An abandoned pretzel sock.

On our way back to the van we encountered an abandoned pretzel sock.

It seemed pretty harmless but it looked sad to have lost it’s mate.

Other Activities At The Park

During one of our adventures to the Rowell’s Waterfront Park, there were too many people for us to get out and wander around.

But the busy-ness simply gave us other entertainment opportunities.

Parasailing at Rowell's Waterfront Park, Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL

As we sat in the van and ate our lunch, we had great seats for watching people parasailing.

It was fun to watch them go back-n-forth, up-n-down and ’round-n-’round but the best part was watching the them land… in the boat.

Parting Thoughts

Will I extend my stay longer than Valentine’s Day?

The answer is no.

Soon, the south Florida weather will become too hot and humid for me to be here in an uninsulated van with no AC.

Even now, there can be random days that are toasty and sticky but they’re tolerable (with only a little grumbling).

In a couple months, the hot and humid-ness of south Florida will be just plain B. A. D.

Valentine’s Day will be a sad day, though. Not because I don’t have a Valentine (haha) but because I’ll be leaving Nikki.

Where Will I Head Next?

Um… well.

I haven’t planned that far out yet.

Thanks for stoppin’ in!


2 thoughts on “Extending My Stay in South Florida

  1. As long as your are happy and hanging with your best friend in the world why not stay longer. I had to laugh when looking into the water where the latter was because I had the same thought as you before I read what you wrote. Great pictures glad your enjoying life!


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