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Leaving Homestead Florida – February 2021

In early February, when I checked the weather forecast, it looked like good weather was expected through my February 14 departure date.

In short, it was supposed to be not too hot and not too cold with tolerable humidity levels.

To Sombrero Beach for Nikki’s Birthday

My little girl turned a quarter of a century old on February 5th of this year!

Nikki wanted to go to Sombrero Beach in Marathon FL so, the day before her birthday, Nikki, her boyfriend (Misael) and I took a trip to Sombrero Beach in the Florida Keys.

The weather was absolutely, positively, without a doubt perfect!

Stopping Along The Way

We stopped at Rowell’s Waterfront Park in Key Largo to stretch a bit. While we were there some of us had to play in the water (not me!).

After leaving Rowell’s, we headed to the Highway Piers Historical Marker in Islamorada. We wanted to stop and order lunch from the Publix in Marathon so it would be ready when we got there.

Florida Keys, Islamorada, Atlantic ocean across from Piers Historical Marker
The view across the road from the Highway Piers Historical Marker in Islamorada FL

The view across the road was amazing! The ocean seemed more blue than the last time we were here.

There were many breathtaking blue ocean views as we drove down the Overseas Highway!

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At Sombrero Beach

We picked up our lunch from Publix and headed to Sombrero Beach.

Sadly, when we got to Sombrero Beach, it was extremely busy.

There was one parking space left so I pulled in. We decided to eat lunch from the comfort of my cozy little home on wheels.

We didn’t venture out to the beach but all was not lost!

After lunch we simply went on our way as we enjoyed the drive, the perfect weather and our time together.

Ending The Day In Key Largo

Nikki suggested stopping back at Rowell’s Waterfront Park in Key Largo. It was on the way home so why not!?!

While there, we all played in the water (haha) and had lots of fun as the sun slowly descended over the horizon.

Sunset at Rowell's Waterfront Park Key Largo Florida Keys

I’m not sure how long we were there but, eventually, we had to call it a day and head back home.

The Weather Changes My Plans

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that the weather does what the weather wants – regardless of what the weatherman says.

Over the weekend of February 6 & 7 the weather decided to get quite hot and very humid.

In looking at the updated forecast, there wasn’t going to be any reprieve before my departure date on Valentine’s Day.

Damp and Sticky

The humidity visibly hung in the air.

Everything was damp and sticky… E V E R Y T H I N G !

By night time, my bed was damp (even though it wasn’t damp earlier in the day).

I ran the heater to try and dry the bed out but that only made it hotter inside the van.

I have a mattress protector that keeps moisture, bed bugs and dust out of the mattress but the sheet and blanket on top of the mattress protector absorbed the dampness from the humid air.

Making The Decision To Leave

With no air conditioning (climate control) in my home, the high humidity – exacerbated by hot temperatures – posed a serious health issue.

Yes… it was also downright uncomfortable. But that wasn’t my main concern.

Nikki and I agreed it was time for me to find a safer, less humid climate.

Leaving Homestead

On the morning of February 8, after saying my see ya later’s to Nikki and Misael, I reluctantly left Homestead Florida in search of a better climate.

It’s been a wonderful couple of months in the Homestead / Florida City area. I enjoyed staying at the campground, exploring the Florida Keys and hanging out with Nikki and Misael.

I knew leaving would be sad but I wasn’t planning on leaving rather abruptly… 6 days earlier than planned.

So What’s The Plan, (wo)Man!?

Leaving unexpectedly sooner than planned caused a bit of a funk… but I know it will pass.

Other than getting through the funk I’m in… climate control is my number 1 issue.

Climate control was one of my top issues several months before I came off the road back in March 2018. Back in late 2017 I knew I needed to make a change. But, a few months later, I ended up moving in with Dad as his Caregiver and I put my van life needs on the back burner.

I have some thoughts in mind but haven’t made a definite decision yet. A compromise may need to be considered but the end result needs to include my desire for simplicity and my need for more amenities.

Be as simple as you can be.


2 thoughts on “Leaving Homestead Florida – February 2021

  1. I hope you found somewhere safe with this crazy weather bearing down on the midwest and east coast.

    Sorry you had to leave Nikki so soon but health comes first. At least you celebrated her birthday together.


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