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Van Recalls and More Tire Trouble – Kingsland Georgia

I’ve been hanging out in Kingsland Georgia since February 23. For the most part, the weather has been pretty nice but I swear it pours down rain (all day long) at least once a week.

Recall Notices For Bella

In early March I received a safety recall notice for the van.

I may as well get it taken care of while I’m here in Kingsland. I’ve had work done in Kingsland before and, when possible, I prefer to go to places I know.

There’s another recall that’s been “in progress” for several years. They’ve been doing temporary fixes every 30,000 miles until they find a permanent fix.

The permanent fix has been ready for a few months. I may as well wipe off my To Do List while I’m at the shop!

I had the temporary fix done before leaving The Homeland last October. I had plenty of miles to go before I needed to worry about getting the permanent fix done. I figured I’d do it when the time is right and it looks like the right time is now.

Covid Slowed Things Down

Covid has affected a lot – including making appointments and waiting for mail deliveries.

When I got the safety recall (earlier this month) I called the auto shop to make an appointment. The earliest I could get in was March 16… and that’s only IF the parts come in on time.

I extended my stay here through March 17 but that was before I knew the parts may not come in on time. The auto shop called the next day and explained that the parts may or may not be here by the 16th.

Tire Pressure Light – Again

Earlier this week I placed a Walmart order.

On pick up day, I packed the van up so I could head to the dump station and empty my tanks before heading to Walmart.

As soon as I started the van… the tire pressure light glared at me.

This has been happening since mid-December. Each time I had the tires refilled they told me the loss of air pressure was due to the weather.

I do spot checks every time I pull out of my campsite. I haven’t noticed anything wonky with the tires since I left Myrtle Beach back in November.

I’m confident that my current issue has anything to do with the weather.

Getting My Tires Checked

After I picked up my Walmart order, I drove down the street to a Fast Lane. It’s right next to where I’m getting the recall work done next week.

I asked if they could check the tires for leaks and they were able to get me right in.

The Verdict Was In

The front Driver’s side tire had a leak but there was no way to repair it.

It was new tire time.

The tread on the other 3 tires still have life left in them but… rather than having a new tire paired with an older, more worn tire… I sacrificed the remaining life of the front Passenger tire and got 2 new tires for the front.

Checking Another Item Off My To Do List

Bella was due for an oil change soon. Although it was a tad early, I asked them to add an oil change to my tab.

It’s a good feeling to get things checked off my To Do List!

Several hundred dollars later… Bella had 2 new shoes and fresh oil running through her veins!

Jacksonville North / St Mary's KOA. Kingsland GA campground.

Saving For New Tires

Nothing seems to be cheap at the auto shop these days.

I knew I’d need new tires in the future and wanted to be ready for it when the time came.

When I received the (first) Covid stimulus check I put it into my “new tires” envelope so I’d have it when I needed it.

I do not store money in real envelopes! I use an app called Just Envelopes. I divide my money into virtual envelopes and deduct money when I spend it. This is how keep tabs on my budget.

At The Campground

I’ve been trying to slow down and get back to simple living.

I balance my days between working, walking, housekeeping chores and personal care tasks.

There’s also plenty of entertainment in the campground. Throughout the day a parade of people, fur-babies and kids that walk or ride past my campsite.

Fur-Babies Galore!

A calico cat wanders around a campsite two rows over (next to the bath house). The campsite belongs to one of the campground Employee’s. I assume, the calico belongs to them.

Two campsites down from me a cat sits in the front window of a big RV. The kitty-cat bathes itself as he/she soaks in the sun, occasionally looking up to see what’s going on outside the window.

Oh what a carefree life that cat must lead!

What I see most, though, are dogs.

It’s fun to see the many breeds, sizes, colors and doggie personalities. Throughout the day they waddle, romp or drag their Human’s past my campsite.

Cookie’s Twin

On the far side of the campground there’s a couple with a 2 1/2 year old Toy Poodle that looks like Cookie. Miss Poodle (I didn’t get her name) is a girl and Cookie was a boy but they have the same coloring, grooming and mannerisms.

The couple drives around the campground every day in their golf cart. They drive up one lane and down the next until each and every lane is explored.

On the cart, Miss Poodle holds her head high as she scans the landscape. She usually sits in the front seat (between the couple) or perched on a lap.

The couple said Miss Poodle loves her daily golf cart ride but gets mad on rainy days. On rainy days they don’t go for a ride.

Speaking Of Dogs

I keep getting asked why I haven’t gotten another dog.

Cookie was family and can never be replaced. But, I suppose, another dog could become a new member of the family.

Either way, I don’t know if or when I’ll get another dog.

What I do know is, right now, I’m simply not ready.

Nature isn't a place to visit. It's home. Quotes about nature.

About The Photos

The pictures in this post were taken at the campground.


4 thoughts on “Van Recalls and More Tire Trouble – Kingsland Georgia

  1. It is always a good feeling to scratch things off a to – do list and it sounds like your, working your, way thru yours, quite well. Seems like the weather is great!


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