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Hanging Out In Ozark, Alabama

I’ve towed the trailer a few times now with the new permanently installed brake controller.

The other day I made a 3 hour trip with trailer in tow. I reached my destination city and was driving through a busy 3 lane inner-city stretch when I realized I wasn’t panicking every time I had to brake or slow down.

Fear and panic had melted away and, in that moment, a new sense of freedom came over me.

Ozark, Alabama

The week of Thanksgiving, I spent several days at the Ozark-Fort Rucker KOA Journey.

Ozark AL is about an hour and a half south of Montgomery and about 20 minutes north of Fort Rucker.  

On my way to the campground I thought to myself “this scenery looks familiar”. I couldn’t figure out why it looked so familiar until I got to the campground.

At the campground, I realized this was a place Nikki, Cookie and I stayed at back in 2015 on the maiden van-life voyage. I was taking Nikki and Cookie to Florida where she would begin her adult life – outside of the nest.

At The Campground

After getting settled in to my campsite it’s time to explore the campground.

Ozark Fort Rucker AL

A pond with a fountain sits directly across from my campsite.

There’s a pea-gravel path that wraps around the other side of the pond.

The sun is out and the temperature is perfect. There’s no better time than now to see where the path leads!

Simply Connie

As I head over to the pond, I look back at Bella and Lulu. They’re holding down the fort while I’m away.

The campsites are nice. They are paved, fairly level and good sized. The water, sewer and electric is within reach (no extensions needed).

Ozark Fort Rucker AL - KOA Journey

A few steps in, I stop to gaze across the pond and take in the reflections of autumn.

Several feet ahead is a wooden bridge that crosses over a small section of the pond.

Standing on a wooden foot bridge, there’s a big pond on my left and a smaller pond to my right.

Coy pond. Ozark Fort Rucker AL

I look down at the smaller, shallow pond below and see several fish staring back at me. I think they’re being Koi with me!

The colorful fish look at me with sad puppy dog eyes as if to guilt me in to feeding them.

But I have no food so I bid them farewell and head down the path.

Autumn leaves

Just over the bridge I stop at the waters edge where fallen leaves and pine needles have gathered.

The urge to step in to the knee deep pond comes over me. But I’m sure it’s cold and I’d probably get scolded by campground staff.

So I continue walking.

Ozark Fort Rucker AL

Towards the end of the path a water wheel slowly rotates. The water spilling from it’s buckets is a soothing sound.

Just behind the wheel is another section of the campground.

The path isn’t long but it was a nice little adventure.

Back at my campsite…

Before it gets too dark, the trash needs to be taken to the dumpster.

As I mosey to the dumpster I say “hi” to fellow Camper’s who just pulled in and are setting up camp.

Palm tree bathroom

Across from the dumpster sits the bathroom-shower house. The palm trees on the doors are cute!

Ozark Fort Rucker AL

Back at my campsite the pond is not hard to miss!

The foot bridge railing is lined with white lights and the pathway is illuminated with colorful lighting that reflects in the water.

Parting Thoughts

Neighbors came and neighbors went as many of them were traveling to see family and friends over Thanksgiving weekend.

The neighbors were all friendly – but that’s normal. It’s rare to meet anyone who isn’t friendly, although, there are people who simply prefer to keep to themselves.

I understand the need to keep to yourself. I enjoy interacting with other’s but I need to balance it with plenty of alone time.

I enjoyed my time at Ozark-Fort Rucker KOA Journey. It’s on my list of places I would stay again!

Not all who wander are lost. JRR Tolken

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