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Magic Of Lights at Homestead-Miami Speedway

Earlier this week… Nikki and Misael took me to the Magic of Lights attraction at the Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead FL.

Magic of Lights is a drive-thru Holiday lights experience. It took about 30 minutes to drive through this magical display of oodles-upon-oodles of Holiday lights – which included driving through 3 dazzling tunnels of lights.

Heading To The Homestead-Miami Speedway

Nikki and Misael picked me up at the campground. The Speedway is several hops, a skip or two and a jump down the road from the campground.

I don’t often get my very own chauffeur so I savor my time in the passenger seat!

It was a hazy, humid night. There was a hue around the lights. It could be from the haze, all the lights and headlight reflections, my own darn fault or all of the above… but my phone camera exaggerated the hazy hue. Either way, please ignore the fuzziness and enjoy the lights!

Entering The Magic of Lights

Nikki pulls in to the Homestead-Miami Speedway entrance.

We drive through a road with a chain-link fence on either side.

The fence is decorated with Holiday lights.

Just up ahead, we see the gateway to the Magic of Lights.

A lady at the gateway scans the code from Nikki’s phone. Nikki paid online to get a cheaper price and was given a barcode to scan at the gate.

A few seconds later, we begin the oohing and ahhing as we gaze at all the wonderful, colorful lights.

I wonder how long it took to put all these lights up and Nikki said they started in October.

Around the corner, we encounter a tropical Santa kicking back in a hammock between 2 leaning palm trees.

I hope those trees can hold Santa!

The roadway is lined with a string of lights so people know where to drive. Occasionally, a lit up arrow directs traffic to turn a corner.

Leaving Tropical Santa behind… we soon enter the first tunnel of lights.

The tunnel is decorated with blinking lights. Each row choreographically goes on… then off… as the next row goes on… then off… one row after another in lickety-split succession.

It feels like there’s a wave of lights rolling over our heads.

I love the tunnels of lights!

Monster Truck Christmas display at Homestead-Miami Speedway Magic of Lights

There’s a wide array of designs here – including Monster Truck, Construction, Prehistoric, The Three Little Pigs and more.

You never know what’s around the next bend!

Prehistoric Christmas Magic of Lights

It’s time to get Jurassic as we enter the prehistoric Christmas portion of the Magic of Lights.

Dinosaurs to the left and (if you use your imagination) prehistoric palm trees to the right… oh my!

Icicle tunnel at Magic of Lights Homestead FL

The dinosaurs were on their best behavior. We made it safely through the Prehistoric Christmas and on to the icicle tunnel.

It… is… amazing!

Going through the tunnel, I stick my head out the window and look upward. It feels like the icicles are going to drip right on us but we make it through the tunnel safe and dry.

Towards the end of the tour we find a tribute to the various Holiday’s celebrated this time of year.

There were many, many, many more lights than what I’m able to share. This is only a small fraction of what we saw.

I don’t know what this says but it’s pretty!

The Nativity scenes are up next.

Hopefully Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus stay cool. It’s warm and humid in these here parts.

The Magic of Lights tour ends with the most spectacular light tunnel of all.

This tunnel is longer than the others and there must be a gazillion lights!

Leaving the Magic Of Lights Event

As we exit the Speedway and begin the drive home… I grab my phone to see if I can capture a video of (some of) the lights as we drive by:

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s and a wonderful New Year 2022!

2 thoughts on “Magic Of Lights at Homestead-Miami Speedway

  1. WOW! Your video was fabulous and really did justice to all the lights as you drove home! What fun.
    Merry Christmas Connie and your family!


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