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The End Of Trailer Life – Another Newish Beginning

Just a short post about a long story.

These Past 8 or 9 Months…

I’ve learned that I love the trailer but I’m not fond of towing it all around the country.

I enjoy the extra creature comforts and added square footage but the trailer comes with more expenses, less simplicity and less flexibly.

I Knew From The Start…

There’d be added expenses, more responsibilities and that I’d have to travel differently with the trailer than I did in the van.

I also considered the pros and cons offered by each lifestyle (Van Life vs Trailer Life).

What I Couldn’t Know Was…

The true impact it would have on my life.

The only way to know the full impact (good, bad or otherwise) is to get out there and do it.

Along the way, I discovered that love the trailer when it’s parked – and – I love traveling willy-nilly in the van.

Contemplating The Best Of Both Worlds…

I looked for a place to permanently park the trailer.

My requirements were…

  • It had to be in The Homeland
  • I needed a decent cell signal
  • I had to feel safe leaving the trailer by itself over the winter

Campgrounds in The Homeland open in the spring and close for the winter.

Permanently parking in The Homeland would allow me to spend the summer months in the trailer and travel in the van over the winter.

The Only Snag Was…

I couldn’t find a place with an open spot. All the permanent spots were occupied.

There were waiting lists for future years (which I added myself to).

But… it would be a year or more before a spot opened up. And that was if or when my name reached the top of a waiting list.

But I Began To Wonder…

If permanently parking the trailer would give me the degree of simplicity I desire.

I wasn’t 100% convinced that parking the trailer was the answer.

The fact that I couldn’t find a permanent spot was very likely a blessing in disguise.

A Few Weeks Later…

Nikki pointed out what I already suspected.

It seemed the trailer was becoming toxic to me.

I’d been having MCS reactions and it was getting worse.

It’s not uncommon for delayed reactions (possibly to the trailer) to occur. I’ve experienced it many times in my umpteen decades of living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

In all fairness, we never completely determined the cause before I made a major change. The only thing we knew was my symptoms improved when I was outside of the trailer.

Taking Simplicity, Health, Flexibility and Finances Into Account…

It was time to make a change.

I knew what I had to do.


I sold the trailer and moved back to the van.

Parting Thoughts…

A travel trailer had been on my bucket list for many years.

The trailer may not have worked out as I hoped but I have no regrets for trying something I’ve been wanting to do – even if I learned it wasn’t for me.

My only regret would have been in never having tried.

I’ve been in the van since mid-February.

Re-adjusting to Van Life is going smoothly.

With the help of Nikki, Misael and a shopping trip to Ikea, I now have running water and a kitchen sink in the van!

I haven’t had any random or unexplained MCS symptoms since moving back into the van.

As for life… it simply goes on…

Never fear or regret starting over. It's simply a chance to create a new version of the life you want.

2 thoughts on “The End Of Trailer Life – Another Newish Beginning

  1. I wondered about the allergic reactions but since you never said I figured it was fine. But like you said at least you tried and have no regrets. That’s how I felt about the class c. I loved it when it was parked but I sure hated driving the thing.
    Happy vanning !


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