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An Unexpected Adventure To Jekyll Island, Georgia

I’ve heard about Jekyll Island from talking with fellow Nomad’s, reading their blogs and watching their vlogs.

I’ve always wanted to visit the island and I happened to be less than an hour away.

It seemed the perfect time to go see what I could see.

So I did!

Finding A Campground

I couldn’t find any known overnight RV parking places on Jekyll Island so I looked for a campground.

There’s only 1 campground on Jekyll Island…. Jekyll Island Campground (a Georgia State Park).

Visiting Jekyll Island was a last minute decision. I wasn’t hopeful there’d be any campsites available at the one and only campground.

Surprisingly, there were a few sites left and I was able to book 2 nights!

A Campground Reservation Isn’t The Only Thing Needed

As I worked through the online reservation, a notice popped up on my screen (just before confirming and paying for my reservation).

The notice informed me that, in order to get to the campground, a Parking and Entry Pass was required to enter the island.

The entry pass fee was not included in the camping fee.

Contemplating My Next Step

The campground fee was already more than I typically like to pay but I was willing to do it for 2 nights.

But, now, there’s an added fee.

I briefly deliberated whether or not I wanted to continue with my reservation.

I could always do Jekyll Island later.

Or could I?

Later isn’t 100% guaranteed.

What was I waiting for?

Why does my brain do this to me!?!?

I shouted “YOLO!” (in my head) and decided to do it.

Jekyll Island Parking and Entry Pass

The Parking and Entry Pass website said the pass can be purchased at the entry gate or online.

I purchased a pass online so I didn’t have to mess with it at the gate.

After purchasing the pass, I received an on-screen confirmation that my payment went through but I did not receive an email, a code or anything to scan at the gate.

There were also no instructions on how to use the online pass when I got to the gate.

I had no clue how this was going to work when I got there.

Entering Jekyll Island

Reaching the entry gate to Jekyll Island, GA, I prepared myself (mentally) to figure out how to get in with my invisible online pass.

Jekyll Island State Park Georgia. Entry gate.

There are 3 automated lanes – each with a gate preventing visitors from accessing the island without a pass. The process is automated but there’s a button to push for Human Help, if needed.

I drive up to the gate, motivationally pumped up and ready to figure it out.

The “I am Woman Hear Me Roar” song runs through my head as I approach the kiosk.

All of a sudden… the gate goes up!

Apparently, it scanned my license plate and knew I already purchased a Parking and Entry pass.

A Quick Stop At The Beach

On my way to the campground, I stop at a beach to stretch my legs and kill a little time (I was too early to check in at the campground).

There’s a pathway that, I assume, leads to the beach. I take the path to the right and head to the beach.

As I walk, I think I hear someone say “Passing on the right”.

I have severe hearing loss in one ear and, when the sound is behind me, it’s difficult to know which direction it’s coming from.

I stop and turn my head just as a couple of bicycler’s happily ride by, smiling as they say “Thank you”.

A beach at Jekyll Island GA

Along the path, there’s a fence prohibiting people from walking on the dunes. Through the tropical foliage, I see a tiny bit of the Atlantic ocean peeking through.

After walking a ways, I came upon a sign that said beach access was the other direction.

Well phewy. I had a 50/50 chance and I walked the wrong direction.

It’s almost time to check in at the campground and my knee is acting up so… I walk back to the van and head down the road to the campground.

Heading To Jekyll Island Campground

On my way to the campground I notice even more people riding bikes. It seemed there are as many (or more) bikes than vehicles.

The people were smiling, laughing and enjoying their day.

It didn’t take long to feel the calm, laid back atmosphere of the island.

At The Campground

After pulling in the driveway of the campground, I look for signs telling me where to check-in.

Many campgrounds have check-in inside the office. But the Jekyll Island Campground has a drive-up check-in area.

At the check-in area, there’s a stern warning about Night Bandits… oh my!

Beware of night bandits.

The Staff are very friendly and helpful. I’m checked-in quickly without having to get out of the van.

Once checked-in, I was directed to my Escort who would show me to my campsite.

My only delay was having to wait a few extra seconds for my Escort because his pen ran out of ink. The tragedy of it all!

At My Campsite

It’s late afternoon and my knee has been bothering me. My very annoying friend, Arthur (arthritis), likes to give me trouble when I overdo it.

Admittedly, I’m guilty of overdoing it the past few days!

Thankfully, with the van, it only takes a few minutes to hobble around and get settled in to my campsite.

I decide not to explore the campground until tomorrow. Usually, a good rest keep Arthur away.

Time To Take The Trash Out

After a good nights sleep my knee was feeling better.

It’s time to take the trash out (I dispose of trash each day so it doesn’t build up in the van).

Each campground has their own rules for disposing of trash. Jekyll Island Campground has dumpsters and recycling stations for Camper’s to take their trash.

Grabbing my bag of trash and a couple recyclables… I head down the road to the trash area and place it in the appropriate container.

On My Way Back To The Van

I hear a girl say “hello!”.

She’s sitting in her camp chair with a bowl of food and wants to show me how she feeds the squirrels. My best guess is she’s a pre-teen.

There are 2 squirrels in the tree about 15 feet to her right. The squirrels eagerly watch as she tosses a piece of food towards the tree. Before the food hits the ground the squirrels have scurried down the tree to snatch their prize.

The winning squirrel quickly runs away with the prize as the loser looks on in disbelief (possibly plotting revenge).

Behind the girl… I notice several ninja squirrels staying low to the ground as they strategically sneak towards the girl.

They’re coming for the food!

I tell the girl she has more company coming behind her. She looks behind her and giggles with excitement.

She will be busy for a while!

I tell her “goodbye” and continue down the road.

A Morning Walk Around The Campground

Nearing the van, my knee is still doing fine… so I keep walking.

There’s a Bird Sanctuary towards the back of the campground and I thought I’d check it out.

The landscape looks like a mix of spring and autumn.

The ground is covered with fallen leaves… and there are still leaves falling from the trees.

The weird part is, the leaves on the trees are mostly green. The leaves must change colors after falling to the ground.

Spanish moss covered trees. Georgia.

Spanish Moss is everywhere!

As I walk, my face encounters a few invisible webs hanging from the trees. But never fear… no screams were given and no critters were harmed.

Squirrels at Jekyll Island campground

There are squirrels acting silly and romping around every where I look. I’ve never seen so many squirrels in one place.

I’m sure they love all the food options the campground has to offer.

Peterson's Backyard Birds of the Southeast. Jekyll Island campground

Further down the path, I reach the Bird Sanctuary.

But I’m a little disappointed.

There are no birds.

Bird Sanctuary Jekyll Island campground

The bird feeders are empty but there are plenty of squirrels picking bird seed off the ground.

The birds can be heard, singing in the tress, but they are no where to be seen at the Sanctuary.

It’s either too early, to cold or both.

Jekyll Island weather

It was still a great morning walk!

Parting Thoughts

I’m glad I could spend a little time on Jekyll Island.

I enjoyed hanging out at my campsite as well as walking around the campground and chatting with fellow Camper’s from other areas of the USA and Canada.

But there’s more to see and do on Jekyll Island and this is definitely a place I’d like to come back to.

Nature quote. In every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks.

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