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Happy New Year 2023! What I Learned About Myself In 2022

On this last day of 2022, I woke up to 98% humidity with a dew point of 76 and temperatures in the low 70’s and climbing.

It was a bit sticky this morning but I’ve adjusted.

New Year’s Eve Plans

Nikki may stop by this evening after work but, other than that, I’ll probably spend my New Year’s Eve the same way I spent the last couple… in bed, on YouTube, watching the ball fall as a few of the time zones hit midnight.

There will also be local fireworks that can be seen in almost every direction. The fireworks often start before midnight but, come midnight, the sky will be filled with colorful lights, boom-booms and the occasional smell of sulfur.

What I Learned About Myself In 2022

Earlier this year, I realized I lost my wanderlust.

It may or may not be gone for good but, for now, the desire to gad about all willy nilly just isn’t there.

Something changed. I can’t put my finger on it just yet but it is what it is.

The Early Years Of Van Life Were Amazing

The first 2 1/2 years on the road (Oct 2015 to Mar 2018) were quite exciting.

I was all over the flippin’ place!! North, south, east and west, I lost track of how many miles I put behind me.

I did things I never thought I would do and accomplished things I never thought I could do.

After a couple years of always seeking the next adventure and never staying in one place more than a day or two or three… I was exhausted.

By March 2018, when I took a hiatus from the road to take care of Dad, I was in serious need of a break.

The Past Couple Of Years Haven’t Been The Same

In October 2020, after spending 2 years with Dad and another 6 months getting Dad’s house cleaned out and final affairs wrapped up (with the help of family!), I thought I’d be ready to get back in the van and hit the road.

And I was.

But it wasn’t like the first 2 1/2 years.

Rather than always seeking the next adventure, I enjoy staying in one place for longer periods of time – sometimes several months.

I also have my favorite places to camp and I visit them often.

The urge to relentlessly explore the country to the point of exhaustion is no longer there.

I still enjoy the nomadic lifestyle… I just don’t have the desire to live it the way I did the first couple of years.

The Ebbs and Flows Of Life

I don’t know if I’m ebbing or flowing at the moment but, for now, I enjoy the way I kinda-sorta do-and-don’t travel.

With being semi-stationary, it seems I don’t have much adventurous content to share without repeating myself.

My writing on the blog feels stagnant.

In my mind, my blog was about my van life adventures. But new van life adventures aren’t as plentiful as they were in the past.

To keep writing, I need to stir the pot and find something more to write about without getting so hung up on writing solely about van life.

Parting Thoughts

Regardless of where life takes me or what I decide to write about…

If I can share my thoughts, personal stories and adventures in a way that either entertains you or adds value to your life… I would be a happy Blogger.

I hope you continue to enjoy my stories but, if you find they aren’t your thing, I understand.

Before you go… care to share what you learned about yourself in 2022?

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

Have a safe New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year 2023!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2023! What I Learned About Myself In 2022

  1. Happy New Year Connie!!
    Nice post. It seems once some of us have to come off the road for what ever reason, it is hard to get back at it. I want to go but just find to many reasons not to. The biggest one this year is and old pup who just doesn’t care for the life anymore and so camping is not enjoyable for either one of us and we come right back home after only 1 night out. I had such great plans for this winter, traveling in the lower parts of AZ. Oh well life does still go on.
    Lets see what this new year brings our way.


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