Are Window Rain Guards Really Essential For Van Life?

One of the best upgrades I made to my van was adding rain guards to the driver and passenger windows.

Sometimes referred to as rain visors, window visor or window deflectors, these nifty little gadgets allow you to keep your windows open regardless of the weather.

The visor resembles an upside-down gutter that deflects rain, sleet, snow and more from coming in an open window.

Although you can’t open the windows all the way down (when it’s raining), the windows can be opened several inches to let air flow in while keeping bad weather out.

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Benefits Of Rain Guards

There are some obvious benefits to having rain visors on your windows along with some not so obvious benefits.

Save On Gas Mileage and Fuel Costs

Rain guards may help save on gas mileage since you won’t need to run the air conditioner while driving. You can drive with the window open regardless of the weather.

Window deflectors may also aerodynamically deflect wind and the “drag” on the vehicle.

I can’t attest to how much the visor improves gas mileage because I put my deflectors on right away and have nothing to compare. What I do know is, I rarely use my air conditioner because I prefer the fresh air and it’s fairly safe to assume this helps save on fuel costs.

Leaving A Pet In The Van With Windows Open – Traveling With Pets

When you need to leave a pet in the van, you can leave the windows open for ventilation without the rain or inclement weather getting inside the van.

This should go without saying but… if the weather is too hot or too cold DO NOT under any circumstances leave your pet in the van.

Improved Air Flow When Using A Fantastic or Maxxair Fan

If you have a Fantastic or Maxxair fan it’s recommended that you open another window. The Fantastic / Maxxair fan works much better when another window is opened or at least cracked open.

Naturally, you can’t open a roof vent when it’s raining unless you have a vent cover. But, if you have a vent cover you can use the roof vent and open the windows regardless of the weather.

Where To Find Window Deflectors

Rain visor / window deflectors come in various sizes based on your vehicle type. If you have a Ford Transit (or similar vehicle) you’ll also need to know if it’s the low, medium or high roof model.

Your nearest Auto Zone or auto parts store should have window deflectors or be able to order them for you. Some Auto Zone’s may also attach them for you (if you’re not up for doing it yourself).

I ended up getting my rain guards at a Ford dealership. I’m sure I paid too much by going to the Dealer but I hadn’t thought of going to Auto Zone back then. I also asked Ford to install the rain guards and they did it at no charge.

You might be able to score a deal on Amazon or at least check out the price on Amazon so you can decide where you want to purchase your visors.

A Problem I Had And How I Fixed It

I love my rain guards! The only problem I’ve had is that one of them came loose (they’re just stuck on to the van with some kind of sticky tape stuff).

One day, while driving 80 mph down the interstate, I kept hearing this weird flapping noise. For the record, I was in Montana where the speed limit is really 80 mph!

I figured out that part of the rain visor had come loose and was flapping against the door.

Using my womanly ingenuity I came up with a quick, permanent fix that would (probably) make some guys shake their head and roll their eyes.

What was my fix? … A dab or two of Gorilla glue!

That sucker isn’t coming off again. Just make sure the glue doesn’t drip onto the vehicle. I’m sure it’s not good for the paint.

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