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Pre-Christmas Traffic vs Campground Critters

My plan for today was to head to Publix for a few groceries. Once I realized it was the weekend before Christmas... I opted not to go anywhere! Getting groceries was just an excuse anyway. I didn't really need anything. I just wanted to get out-n-about for a while. But Monday works for me! Pre-Christmas… Continue reading Pre-Christmas Traffic vs Campground Critters

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Hot-n-Humid South Florida Weather – Van Life

Spring has sprung in Florida! Well, sort of. Florida is where summer happens twice a year with each season lasting 6 months. There may not be snow or colorful autumn foliage but there are notable differences between the seasons - mostly the degree of heat and humidity. In this post, I’ll share some tidbits about… Continue reading Hot-n-Humid South Florida Weather – Van Life