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Needing A Chiropractor While On The Road

I’ve had back problems since I was a child. I was supposed to do special exercises to strengthen my back but, as a kid, you don’t always do as you’re told.

The doctor diagnosed me with “Growing Pains”. Apparently “Growing Pains” is an official diagnosis.

When I was 18, I was in a car accident that sent a whole new set of back problems into motion.

And there’s also the part about getting older.

All I Did Was Stand Up!

About a week and a half ago…

I’d been sitting in my chair watching YouTube while my meal was cooking on the stove.

With my back issues, I try not to sit more than 20 – 30 minutes at a time and it was time to get my booty out of the chair.

I stood up and, part way up, my back decides it’s time to give me grief. It wasn’t the usual grief… this time it was going for the gold!

I couldn’t move so I just stood there like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, trying to relax into the spasms while in excruciating pain until the stupid spasms decided to stop.

Dealing With The Aftermath

Sometimes my back problem will work itself out in a couple of days. Other times, I need a Chiropractor.

When I went to bed that night I took a muscle relaxer… but it didn’t help.

I tried walking and stretching more… but it didn’t help.

After a couple of days I realized this was an issue for a Chiropractor.

Somedays I Just Wanna Give Up

It’s times like this that I briefly just want to give up. But I know pain makes us think crazy thoughts so I tried to ride it out.

This time the pain was pretty bad. I haven’t had it this bad in quite a while and I really didn’t want to ride it out (yes, I was whining).

I felt a pity-party brewing so I had to bring out the big guns and talk to my very own personal motivator and inspirational consultant…. Nikki.

Nikki always knows what to say to her Mom to bring her out of a funk!

Handling Back Problems While On The Road

I have several Chiropractors across the United States that I use when I’m in that area.

But I’m not always in the same area and, sometimes, I need to find a new Chiro.

When looking for a Chiropractor I simply ask my good buddy, Google.

That’s all I do.

I Google it.

The Search Term I Use When Looking For A Chiropractor

When searching for a Chiro (Doctor, grocery store, Walmart, Starbucks, etc) all I do is enter my search term followed by the phrase… near me.

Here are a few search term examples:

  • Chiropractor Near Me
  • Walmart Near Me
  • Starbucks Near Me With Drive Thru
  • Movie Theaters Near Me
  • City Parks Near Me

Near me” and “where am I” are my top 2 searches. Of course, you have to allow Google access to your location or neither one of these searches will work.

Choosing The Right Chiropractor For Me

When Google shows me the list of chiropractors near me I pick a couple that stand out, check their website and I pick one.

That it’s.

I don’t use Rocket Science and I do my best not to overthink it.

Where I’ve Been Hanging Out

On October 30 I came back to The Outer Banks (OBX). I didn’t want to spend Halloween in a Walmart parking lot and deal with potential Halloween hijinks so I came back to The OBX.

On Halloween, the campground offered us a treat… we could extend our current stay at 50% off.

The camping rates (here) decrease effective November 1 but not 50% so this is still a good deal!

I took the campground up on the offer so I could stay put while working on getting my back fixed up.

I’ve really enjoyed staying put for a while but wanderlust will surface soon and, then, I’ll be on my way to a new destination (which is yet to be determined).

What I’ve Been Doing

I’ve seen a chiropractor a couple of times and have tried to balance resting and icing my back with getting some activity in.

Taking little walks around the campground helps. I’ve also walked the boardwalk to the beach but haven’t walked too much on the soft, squishy, sandy beach so as not to accidentally jar my back.

My food supply was pretty low but there are no Walmart’s on the island. There’s a grocery store chain here called Food Lion (I’ve also seen Food Lion in other parts of North Carolina).

I went to Food Lion and was able to restock my cupboards. It should last me a while!

About The Covid Re-Opening Phases

North Carolina is in Phase 3 of Washington’s Phased Approach to re-opening the country.

I’ve noticed a handful of people and public places who are more laxed than other’s but still technically within the Phase 3 guidelines.

I see no harm in taking precautions regardless of what Re-opening phase a state is in. After all, I’m in an area where there are people from all over the country – from states that are in various phases of re-opening.

I’m not able to get the flu shot so it’s normal for me to take added precautions this time of year. The only difference is, this year, I’ve added a mask.

I’m Living In Fear!?

I share this next tidbit not to complain or receive sympathy. My blog is about real life and I want to share the good, the bad and (in this case, in my opinion) the downright stupid.

In the course of our conversation, the first chiro I saw said people who wear masks are living in fear.

Hmmm… I went to his office wearing a mask so… let me think a sec… yep… I’m 100% sure he’s referring to me.

I have yet to understand why some people think wearing a mask and taking precautions is any different than wearing a seatbelt or wearing a life jacket.

I respect their choice (even if I don’t like it) but, on the other hand, there’s a huge difference between fear and common sense.

The end of this story goes like this…

I did not start a heated conversation with him.

I did not consider reporting him (I know some will think I should).

The fact is, he’s entitled to his opinion just as much as I’m entitled to mine.

And my opinion was to find a different chiropractor.

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship. Louisa May Alcott quote.

Thanks for stopping in… take care out there!


2 thoughts on “Needing A Chiropractor While On The Road

  1. I sure hope you are on your way to feeling better. I’m with you on the mask. Cases here are on the rise again and yes I’m fearful. Don’t care what anyone thinks about it either. Happy you found another Dr., that guy was a quack to make statements like that.
    Take care.


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