Hiatus Adventures 2018-2020

Enjoying Some Down Time As I Prepare For What’s Next

The past few weeks I’ve taken a couple short trips around the area. It was just a couple hours here and there but it was W O N D E R F U L !

As I drove, I could feel the wanderlust pulsing through my veins stronger than ever and I’m (pretty much) ready to hit the road when the time comes😊

In the near future, I may try a short road-trip (for a few days) before I get back on the road full-time.

A Visit From Cookie?…

During one of my trips I could swear Cookie was sitting in the passenger seat, safely in his little bed, looking up at me with his eyes half open, as content as he could be.  

It felt like he was really there.  

Call me silly but I reached over and (pretended to) pet him. I suppose this was Cookie’s way of visiting me from The Great Beyond to let me know that everything will be ok.  

Getting The Van Ready…

Bella (my van) is pretty much ready to go. I’ve spent the past few weeks updating the solar (I needed a new battery), getting a new fridge (mine died just before I came off the road back in March 2018) and taking care of a few odds-n-ends.  

Everything I needed to do probably took less than a day. There wasn’t much that needed to be done with Bella but I’ve been taking it slow and the tasks were spread out over time.  

All that’s left to do is move my stuff from the house back in to the van and I’m ready to roll!  

Enjoying A Little Down Time…

Postponing my hit the road date so I could take time to gather my thoughts and get my wits about me was the best choice I could have made.  

I don’t remember the last time I had any real down time. Finally taking time to relax has done wonders for my stress level and health.

As for an official hit the road date → I still don’t have one. Although I attempt it periodically, planning seems to go against my nature and usually doesn’t go well for me. 

I’m at my best when I go with the flow. In the flow, I discover new strengths, bring light to weaknesses and ultimately find the greatest adventure.   So… I’ll simply see where the flow takes me.

Until next time…

Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Enjoying Some Down Time As I Prepare For What’s Next

  1. Love the header picture is that from your yard?I know about being ready to hit the road let me tell you. But with this blasted heat not happening.Sounds like your getting it all together. Maybe Cookie did want to let you know everything is going to be OK. Take care and be well


  2. The header picture are roses from Dad's yard. I thought I'd killed them last year (I don't have a green thumb) but this year they bloomed nicely. We have another heat wave coming in a few days and it's worse than the last one. Yikes!


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